John Thomas - John David Thomas

I Just bought major NEW MUSIC EQUIPMENT and 2 new  VIDEO CAMCORDERS (a SONY 600 series HD camcorder with 5.1 channels (L, R, Center, LeftRear, RightRear) 3-D surround sound recording (for home theater or for movieHollywood, music videos, rock bands, concerts, theater, etc), and a ZOOM Q8 160-degree ultra-wide-angle-view state-of-the-art-sound video recorder, small and portable in HD) and a new DELL COMPUTER, an INSPIRON 3567 Dell with 1 Terabytes HDD and USB 3.0 and 2.0 and fast 2.5-3.1 GHz Intel i5 7th gen. processor, 64-bit dual core, and premium sound, Bluetooth! and more ... MAJOR MUSIC NEWS: I just purchased new ROLAND INTEGRA 7 pro synthesizer module, which I will describe later, it is state-of-the-art, primarily for recording sessions in pro or high-tech recording studios for hit songs, serious composing including in HOLLYWOOD by the major film composers but also "live" concert or events or clubs, churches, nightclubs, you-name-it, it is UNBELIEVABLE!!!...I will give much detail has 8,000 instrument sounds in it with real recordings/samples of all the real acoustic musical instruments including all the classical instruments of the orchestra, a real 9-foot concert grand piano, in stunning realism, and more...I also bought a SPECTRASONICS OMNISPHERE 2 Power Synthesizer software "plug-in" for my 2 DAWs with more than 12,000 instruments and sounds, called "a PRODUCER's DREAM' has all the new sounds coming out on the radio in the new pop music, it can take an entire lifetime to fully explore it and learn how to use it!!! etc....   I bought a new BEHRINGER (USA, Europe, Germany, worldwide co.) "all-in-one" Bluetooth 100 Watt PA speaker system with pro wireless mike (for my new keyboard and synths, and vocals) that is small, compact, but super powerful! It can handle a large room or establishment with 300 people in audience! runs on internal battery power for 20 hours at a time! Also, I bought a new "high-tech" 'Bluetooth' "iLOUD" (brand new brand in USA, high-tech, special) Monitor 2-way stereo phase-aligned, "time-aligned" state-of-the-art portable speaker, 40 Watts, runs on battery power for 11 hours at a time or is the world's first of its kind...designed for is super cool! Has a circular red light that glows, and is 3 times LOUDER than other speakers the same size with high-tech engineering, made in the USA! see below post for the other equipment items just purchased by me here in Staten Island, New York 10301 USA (New York City) at 110 Henderson Avenue, Room 204A

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