Music of John Thomas (John David Thomas) in Staten Island, NY 10301 USA

John Thomas - John David Thomas

Chant for Orchestra (Deja Vu 1972)

John Thomas (John David Thomas)
John Thomas (John David Thomas)


This is the most important, serious music contemporary classical symphonic music composition (with a constant "rock beat-pulse" throughout) of ASCAP composer John Thomas - John David Thomas of Staten Island, New York 10301 USA (New York City) at 110 Henderson Avenue, Room 204A (where he has lived for almost two years now). "CHANT for Orchestra (Deja Vu 1972), published by ASCAP music publisher J D Thomas Music Co and recorded on the original and famous "JDT Records" (from Indiana, Hamilton County now in Staten Island, NY (New York City) USA) was originally conceived in summer of 1969 by John in Los Gatos/San Jose, California on a "church pipe organ" which he was playing during a weekday, when he visited a person there in the office...he had permission to play the huge pipe organ in a Presbyterian church there....on which he played "Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly composed by Doug Ingle, the leader of that 60s classical-rock band, and he also played "Light My Fire" by the DOORS there.....then, John began improvising and came up with the main theme of CHANT for Orchestra" be continued....