Music of John Thomas (John David Thomas) in Staten Island, NY 10301 USA

John Thomas - John David Thomas

Chant for Orchestra

John Thomas (John David Thomas)
John David Thomas (John Thomas)


This is the most important and best original symphonic, orchestral music compositon by ASCAP composer/musician John Thomas (aka John David Thomas) of Staten Island, New York 10301 USA (New York City), composed by him during the years of 1969 (in San Jose/Los Gatos, California), and 1972 (at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, USA) and the final, huge,full-blown fully orchestrated 10-minute version heard here, was composed, arranged, produced, performed, and recorded by him in 1998 in Studio Central, 2704 Central Court, Indianapolis (Carmel), Indiana 46280-1930 USA. This is a super-mega instrumental orchestral symphonic classical-orchestral-rock is contemporary, unique, eclectic, going beyond the genre of classical, utilizing a powerful, repetitive "drum beat" using multiple sound sources, with a constant "drone" of a low octave-C in the pass played on synthesizers by John Thomas (aka John David Thomas) with a slowly oscillating pattern of a sustained C-major chord with the C bass note and then going to a D-major chord sustained against the constant C bass not (D major chord/over a C bass, making an inverted D-7 chord), this builds and builds over a 10-minutes time period. This took two months to record! I used more than 32 individual tracks to record this, playing all the music (all instruments notes and sounds) one-note at a time, the "hard way" as a world-famous rock star and composer once said. I used a multitude of special effects and processors and "electronic black boxes" to do this! It is a pulsating, throbbing, powerful, rich, thick, layered and Hypnotic, emotional but intellectual, "genius" music composition that draws the listener "in" but is this huge, constantly moving MASS of sound, the completely envelops the listener! Enjoy! Happy listening! - John in Staten Island, New York 10301 USA at 110 Henderson Avenue, Room 204A. (Feb. 2, 2017).