John Thomas - John David Thomas

John Thomas (aka John David Thomas) 1970-2017 & his studio rock/jazz/fusion bands (1970-1983) - Composer/Songwriter/Synthesist/Producer/Pianist/Arranger/Orchestrator/Engineer/Photographer/Business & Arts Owner/Musician/Indie CD artist

Me, John Thomas (John David Thomas) official celebrity publicity photo in 1986 in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, The Clarion Inn, McCormick Ranch Resort in Scottsdale,, AZ and The Boulders Resort, 1987 in Carefree, AZ (north of Scottsdale, AZ) and for media press news release (North Snohomish County newspaper, 1989/1990 in Marysville and Everett, Washington (state)

My name is John Thomas (John David Thomas), musician, composer, former songwriter, photographer, and business and arts owner. I live in Staten Island, New York 10301 USA (New York City). I have lived here in Staten Island for almost two years now. I have lived all over the USA. and am originally from Indiana. I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona; Seattle/Mountlake Terrace/Marysville, Washington (state); southern California including Los Angeles, CA from 2006-2009 and Hollywood/Santa Monica, etc.; Nashville, Tennessee; Miami/Miami South Beach/St. Petersburg, FL & Clearwater/Tampa, Florida; and New York City, New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) from 2007-present. (I'm in Staten Island now on Henderson Avenue). I'm a college graduate with a B.S. degree, 1976, in "Music Theory and Composition" from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where I studied Music Composition with four genius "avant-garde" music composers there: Dr. Ernesto Pellegrini (from Julliard School, New York City, NY); Dr. Cleve Scott, Professor Emeritus (retired) from California (including Hollywood, etc); Morris Knight (nationally known avant-garde composer, including his music compositions, "After Guernica" and "Entity One: Music for a Global Village" which he took on national tour to New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Illinois, etc) and David Foley, composer of an "avant-garde" opera, etc.) I studied piano with Michel Bourgeot from Paris, France (graduate of the world-famous Paris Conservatory of Music), in the summer of 1972 at Ball State U in Muncie, IN USA, and with Caesar Vucsik, international classical pianist from Buenos Aires, Argentina at Ball State U. in Muncie, IN also in 1972-1974. I studied cello with Salvatore Sillipigni (Italian cellist) and Joseph Saunders, from New York Philharmonic and Chicago Symphony and NBC Symphony while at Ball State U in Muncie, IN from 1971-1974. I studied Electronic Music composition with Dr. Cleve Scott from 1972-1975, Professor Emeritus, at Ball State U. from 1972-1975. I composed three major avant-garde electronic tape music compositions for him and for Ball State U Student Composers Concerts: "When We Dead Awaken", "Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Time", and "Apogee". For Dr. Ernesto Pellegrini, I composed an atonal music composition for flute and clarinet titled: "Two Nudes and a Fire Hydrant", which was performed at Ball State U University Hall for about 400 music students and Muncie patrons in 1975, and received a standing ovation and a "A" grade from Dr. Pellegrini. I have been composing music since age of eight (8). I have composed more than 20 genres and styles of music in my lifetime. At present, I am not composing, but could do so, if given access to an excellent modern recording stuidio with a staff of engineers, etc and with an excellent grand piano or pro keyboards at least $ 2,000 in price (NORD, Kurzweil, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Oberheim, etc.) I am an expert synthesist with ARP 2500 and Yamaha DX-7 and Oberheim synths. I have not played synths or keyboards recently, but can "get back into it" if given the opportunity or with the right equipment and situation and scenario.

I was born on March 30, 1951 in Muncie, Indiana USA, a small midwestern town in Indiana (a college town), the son of musical parents....my mother was a trained classical pianist from Indiana University who graduated from there with a major in classical piano in 1947...she studied classical piano with Professor Hoffzimmer of Berlin, Germany and London, England...she played the Grieg Piano Concerto in 1947 there at I.U. in Bloomington, Indiana in concert. My father was a professional tenor soloist. He studied ""voice" with a woman who was  a pupil  of world-famous opera singer, Caruso. 

I began playing piano at age of 4. I began composing music at age of 8. I studed cello with Joseph Saunders from the famous New York Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony, from 1972-1974. I also studied cello with Salvatore Sillipigni who later played in the Pittsburg Symphony in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. I also studied piano with Michel Bourgeot from Paris, France who was a graduate of famous Paris Conservatory of Music there, and who gave classical piano concerts there in Paris, France every year in the early 1970's. I studied Music Composition with noted avant-garde composer, Dr. Ernesto Pellegrini, Italian composer from famous Julliard School of Music in New York City. I also studied music composition with Morris Knight at Ball State U. and also with David Foley, opera composer, and with Dr. Cleve Scott, Professor Emeritus at Ball State University, from California, director of the Electronic Music Studio there in the 1970's. He knows world-famous composers, etc, and he was from California. I studied Electronic Music Composition for 3 years with Dr. Cleve Scott from 1972-1975. I composed "Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Time" there and also "When We Dead Awaken" and "Apogee". These were all electronic tape pieces which were performed there at BSU. I composed "Two Nudes and a Fire Hydrant" for Dr. Pellegrini, which was performed at BSU also. I had a Palmer Memorial Scholarship in Music there. I have played keyboards and synthesizer and even piano and cello in famous rock bands in Indiana and Arizona. I also have played grand piano at famous resorts in the USA in Arizona (Scottsdale, etc.). I am a longtime member of the famous ASCAP in New York City, New York USA and also Mensa (since 1983) and am former member of AES, PPA, NARAS (now called 'The Recording Academy') and A.F. of M. Musicians Union Local # 47 in Hollywood, California.  I have composed and recorded 13 compact disc albums of original music of mine. My music has been on the radio in Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky in the past, and I was announced to the top of the music industry in 1974 in the famous "BILLBOARD" magazine in New York City. I have been featured in more than 32 major Who's Who reference books in the USA and in England, including 11 times in the famous "Who's Who in America" and 15 times in "Who's Who in the World". I was listed in "International Who's Who in Music for classical music" 1992 published by Melrose Press, Cambridge, England.

I went to public schools all of my lifetime, from 1956 in Muncie, Indiana and from 1957-1969 in Indianapolis, Indiana (Public Schools #57 and # 58, including 4 years in the advanced "gifted class for gifted children" there at School 58 from 1961-1965, 5th through 8th grades, where I studied the famous plays of William Shakespeare and did critiques in groups of gifted and genius children, my classmates...I also studied French for 4 years there in elementary school starting in the fifth grade, and I began playing cello in the 4th grade in orchestras, up through the year 1980....I excelled in sciences and math, taking 5 years of mathmatics in high school at Thomas Carr Howe High School in Indianapolis, Indiana including a year of calculus (super-difficult) and I got A's and B's, with a B-plus grade point average in high school (I was inducted into the National Honor Society in high school in 1968, when I was a Junior in high school, a year earlier than most people...) I took a "Zillion music courses" in school, including my 5 years of college at Purdue University and Ball State University in Indiana, on scholarship all 5 years, including a General Motors scholarship at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana from 1969-1970...I had a Palmer Memorial Music Scholaship 3 years at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (my birthplace) from 1971-1974, given to me by Dr. Robert Hargreaves, the head of the Ball State University School of Music, who had known me since I was only 5 years old in Muncie, Indiana! He always remembered me, he said! He studied conducting with the famous, world-famous conductor Toscanini, and he composed a symphony! I have a world-class education and background...even my enemy father said so! My father told me in 2008 in the summer there in Indiana where I lived that summer that "nobody in California is going to believe your world-class education and your world-class background....it is all TRUE...they are just not going to believe it! etc etc etc) I was in all of the G-classes (gifted) and all of the AP classes (advance placement) classes in high school in Indianapolis, and I had genius teachers and professors....I studied the most important "existentialist literature" of the 20th century in high school (T.C. Howe High School) in Indianapolis with Mr. Bruce Beck, who later travelled to Austria and Germany with my parents and his wife, including Salzburg, Austria, the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, world-famous classical music composer, etc.). Mr. Beck told my father in 1969 in Indianapolis, when I was in his class there, that "You don't know who your SON IS!!...you don't know who you have for a son!!" etc. more later about my educational background (I studied Physics for 2 years, including at Purdue University, which had the largest Engineering school in the USA at the time! 5,000 engineering students at Purdue when I was there from 1969-1971...David B. Culp, of Indianapolis, Indiana was my roommate at Purdue University both years from 1969-1971. He is extremely high-level!! We were friends from 1969-1995. He still lives there, I believe, in a small house on the northside of Indianapolis. He took a special trip to Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayan mountains, just south of China...he told me that the people there are super-nice people, on the other side of the world! etc etc

 I have lived in  New York City for 8 years now (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island). I moved to Staten Island (New York City), New York 10301 USA in May 2015. I like Staten Island, and I love Manhattan. I live at 110 Henderson Ave., Room 204A, Staten Island, NY 10301 USA. This is one of five major sections of New York City. The food is good.I have lived in Los Angeles, California from 2006 - 2009, and Hollywood, CA and Santa  Monica, CA and all over southern California and also Seattle, Mountlake Terrace, and Marysville, Washington and Nashville, TN and Miami, Florida and famous Miami South Beach and all over south Florida. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 4 years from 1984-1988. I am from Indiana originally.

About my longtime membership in the famous ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) in New York City, New York USA....you have to be published as a composer or songwriter, or a published author, or a publishing company to be a member....I have been a published songwriter since 1974 (and member of ASCAP since then, also) and I have been a published composer since 2001....I am the CEO/Owner of 7 ASCAP music publishing companies: J D Thomas Music Co; Serious Bizness Music Co; Mega Modern Music Co; Silky Road Music Co; Spirit Realm Music Co; Dark House Music Co; Global Concept Music Co . I am featured in more than 32 major Who's Who reference books in USA and England from 1989-2006.




John David Thomas

John David Thomas 
is a subject of biographical record in
Marquis Who's Who Publications 1989-2006 including "Who's Who in the World" 15 editions from 1992-2006 and the famous "Who's Who in America" 11 times from 1995-2006 and "Who's Who in Entertainment" 1992 and "Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America" and the "International Who's Who in Music (for classical music)" 1992, published by the famous publisher in England, MELROSE PRESS, in Cambridge, England and the International Biographical Centre, Jocelyn Timothy, editor and the Archbishop of Canterbury was on the board. Inclusion is limited to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding 
achievement in their own fields of endeavor and who have, thereby, 
contributed significantly to contemporary society (Marquis Who's Who standard for inclusion in their books). 

John David Thomas 
Occupation: composer, musician, compact disc artist, photographer, music and arts business owner 
Born: Muncie, Ind., USA on March 30, 1951 

CEO/Owner/Composer/Producer of John David Thomas Productions; CEO/Owner of JDT Records; CEO/Owner of J D Thomas Music Co; Owner/Photographer of John David Thomas Photography. Resident of New York City, NY (Brooklyn) since August 19, 2009 and resident of Manhattan, New York City, NY USA in 2007, 2008, and from March 2009 - August 19, 2009. Former lifelong resident of Indiana (Indianapolis and Carmel, Indiana) and also Phoenix, Arizona for 4 years from March 1984 - June 1988 and Seattle, WA area from summer 1988 - November 1990. Former resident of Los Angeles, CA from August 2006 - June 23, 2007 and from August 10, 2008 - March 2009, and lived in Hollywood, CA and Santa Monica, CA (both cities) from August 10, 2008 - March 2009 and lived all over southern CA and south FLorida (Miami, Miami South Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida) for 4 months in 2007, etc. and Nashville, TN in 2007, etc.

Graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in Feb 1976, B.S. degree in Music Theory and Composition. 

Student, Purdue University, 1969-1971 (General Motors Scholar, major: Electrical Engineering & Math) at West Lafayette, IN USA
Student, Jordan College of Music, Indianapolis, 1965
BS in Music Theory and Composition, Ball State University, 1976 at Muncie, IN USA
Musician, composer, 1955—; digital and film photographer, graphic designer Have Camera Will Travel, 1956—; cellist The Howe String Quartet (with Ann Pinney, Mary Ann Tilford, Anne Wuster), Indianapolis, 1967-68; keyboardist, vocalist, cellist Fire and The Rebel Kind rock bands, 1967-69, Good Conduct rock band, Muncie, 1972-73; pianist The Pavillion at Olde Towne, Los Gatos, California, 1969; radio announcer John David's Late Night Rock Show WCCR-AM, West Lafayette, Ind., 1969-70; photographer Indianapolis, 1964—1984, 1991—2000; budget analyst Office of Comptroller USAFAC, 1976-84; co-leader, keyboardist, composer, arranger, vocalist, sound technician Jetstream band, Carmel, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Columbus, Bloomington, 1979-83; co-leader, keyboardist, vocalist, sound technician The Thomas Brothers, King's Crown Inn, Kokomo, 1979; sound/audio visual technician Valley Cathedral Church, Phoenix, 1987 
Career Related 
Pianist, synthesist Paul Thomas and Night and Day, The Tim Barnett Band, Indianapolis Museum Art, 1992, Radisson Hotel and Broadmoor Country Club, Indianapolis, 1991, Highland Country Club, Indianapolis, The Ritz Charles Hotel and Summertrace, Carmel, Ind., Stonehenge Resort, Bedford, Ind., 1991; solo pianist Terranova Mansion, Paradise Valley, Arizona, 1987, Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, 1988, Boulders Resort, Carefree, Arizona, 1987, Clarion Inn/McCormick's Ranch Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1986, China Gate, Phoenix, 1988, Victor's, Phoenix, 1988, Cascade Club, Everett, Washington, 1990; keyboardist, synthesist, key bassist, The Gulch Gang, Pinnacle Peak Patio, Scottsdale, 1984, Dee Dee Ryan, The Longhorn Saloon, Apache Junction, Arizona, 1984-86, The Last Straw Band, Country City saloon, Mesa, Arizona, 1986; keyboardist, pianist, vocalist with Peter, Paul and John, Anderson College, Ind., 1977; CEO, owner, composer, photographer, arranger, producer, musician, engineer, graphic designer, computer operator, John David Thomas Productions, Indianapolis, 1993—; CEO, owner JD Thomas Music Co., 1999—, John David Thomas Photography, 2007-, Monolith Records, 1999-2001, The JDT Group, 2000-, JDT Records, 2001—, Serious Bizness Music Co., 2002—, Global Concept Music Co., 2002—, Silky Rd. Music Co., 2002—, Spirit Realm Music Co., 2002—, Mega Modern Music Co., 2002—, Dark House Music Co., 2005-, John David Thomas Photography, 2007-; recording artist Civil Defense label mp3.com., 2000-04, Civil Defense label besonic.com, Europe, 2002-05, JDT Records, 2001-. 
Creative Works 
Composer, lyricist of over 350 classical, religious, commercial, rock, jazz, popular and avante garde/futuristic compositions, including Infinity, 1970-71, Death of Rock and Roll, 1970, Night Visions, 1972, First Things First, 1972, Two Nudes and a Fire Hydrant, 1972-73, Chant for Orchestra, 1972, 2001, Love Theme in D, 1972, 98, Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Time, 1974, The Little Prince, 1973, 2001, When We Dead Awaken, 1973, Pray, 1972, Apogee, 1974, Chinese Baby, 1973, Alabama DA (Top Forty recording), 1973, Angel, 1974, Music for French Horn, Cello, and Piano, 1976, Cruising Beyond, 1979, Jetstream Theme, 1979, Chrissy, 1979, Love Theme in B Minor, 1979, In Your Heart, 1983, Future Music, 1987, The Recurrent New Millenium Orchestral Olympic Disco Festival Dance, 1989, Jubilee in F, 1989, Praise Him, The King Liveth, 1989, Love Flowers: Reflections and Meditations on Beauty and Truth, 1990, Sheena's Theme, 1992, I Want You Forever You're My Miracle, 1992, My Pseudo-Erotic, Sensual, Exotic Musical Fantasy and Romance for Our Heavenly Nocturnal Starry-Skied Carpet Ride to Paradise in Istanbul and Constantinople, 1992, I'm in Love with Someone Beautiful, 1992, Improvisations for Sheena, 1992, Musical Essences, 1994, 2002, Mystery World #1, 1994, Mystery World #2, 1994, Orient, 1994, Orchestral #17, 1994, Drums and Percussion Music, 1994, My Renaissance Brass Music, 1994, Postlude, 1994, Music for Baritone Vocal and String Orchestra, 1995, Meditations for Pipe Organ and Male Choir, 1996, Trumpet Voluntary in F, 1996, Pathway to Love, 1996, Majestic Brass Music in F#, 1997, J.D.'s Theme, 1998, The Road to Tomorrow, 1999, Let Me Be the One, 2000, God and the Everlasting, 2000, Sunshine, 2000, Love Theme, 2000, Dreaming, 2000, Together, 2000, Love You, 2000, The Road of Life, 2000, Desires of the Heart, 2000, The Open Sky, 2000, Just Me and You, 2000, In the Spirit of Mozart, 2001, God and the Everlasting, 2001, From Me to You, 2001, Ostinato for Double Reeds, 2001, God 1, 2001, God 2, 2001, Randy's Theme, 2002, Music for Suzy, 2003, Music for Beautiful Women, 2003, over 140 short piano compositions, 1999-2003; (albums) The Journey of Life, Destiny's Calling: Improvisations, 1994, 2002; (cd's) The Journey of Life, 1994, 2002, Musical Essences, 1994, 2002, Music for Bethany, 2002, The Avant-Garde of John David Thomas, 2002, From Me to You, 2002, Desires of the Heart, 2002, Spirit Music, 2002, The Seen and the Unseen, 2000, John David Thomas at the Piano, 2005, Romantic Abstract for the Modern Woman in Love with this Composer, 2005, Pathway to Love, 2005, Desires of the Heart, 2005, Early Songs and Jazz of John David Thomas: 1970-1987, 2005, Potpourri: Music for the World, 2000, Music for the World, vol. 2, 2000, (broadcast) Hometown Hour, Station WFBQ-FM, Indianapolis, 1979-80, Music for Kelly, Judy, Karyn, and Stacey, 2003; performed orginal composition, Someday, WFBM-TV, Indianapolis, 1969; designer automotive concepts and popular fashions; recordings of over 120 original songs and compositions including Love Theme in D, 1972, 98, Majestic Brass Music in F# for Bethany and Mark, 1997, J.D.'s Theme, 1998; plus over 90 recordings on CD's; author numerous poems. 
GM scholar Purdue University, 1969-70, Hoosier scholar, 1969, Palmer Memorial Music scholar Ball State University, 1971-74; named to Ind. All-State Orchestra (cellist), 1968; recipient 1st place award (cellist) Ind. State Music Contest, 1968, God and Country award, 1965, Outstanding Musician award Irvington Music Club, Indianapolis, 1969, Purdue University Symphonette, 1970, Hometown Hour award WFBQ-FM Radio Station, Indianapolis, 1979. 
Musician, vocalist, composer Downey Ave. Christian Church, Indianapolis, 1961-69, Univ. Presbyterian Church, West Lafayette, Ind., 1969-71, Castleview Baptist Church, Indianapolis, 1974-84, Valley Cathedral Church, Phoenix, 1986-87, Edmonds (Washington) Christian Church, 1988-90, Edmonds United Methodist Church, 1989-90; page to speaker House of Reps. Ind. State Legislature, 1963; active All Souls Unitarian Church, Indianapolis, 1994-96. 
Member American Society of Composers, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, PPA, Mensa, Professional Photographers America. 
Son of John Charles and Phyllis Lorraine (Wear) T.; Married Rosalie Faith Baldwin, July 27, 1974 (div. 1990); children: Bethany Carol, Mark David. 
Hobbies and Special Interests 
Reading, computers, music, photography, bridge 

Mailing: 110 Henderson Ave., Room 204A, Staten Island, (New York City), New York 10301 USA
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John is currently living in Staten Island, New York (New York City) at 110 Henderson Ave., Room 204A, Staten Island, NY 10301 USA (New York City).
Me, John Thomas (John David Thomas) in 1977 summer, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania entering the famous ACADEMY of MUSIC, on Locust Street, home of the Philadelphia Philharmonic orchestra Vancouver, Canada in summerf mid-1970s, famous park there (Stanley or Queen Elizabeth Park), photo by me, John Thomas - John David Thomas