John Thomas - John David Thomas

John Thomas - John David Thomas on left with hisi band, JETSTREAM in 1981 in Carmel, Indiana USAVancouver, CANADA famous park in 1970s, my photo

World-famous man, musician, celebrity, composer, pianist, former rock star, featured in 32 major books since 1989, member of ASCAP, MENSA, Professional Photographers of America, FORMERLY member of NARAS (Grammy-Awards organization in L.A. CA USA) and AES, A.F. of M. Musicians Union Local # 47 in HOLLYWOOD, CA USA...  I was born MARCH 30, 1951 in Muncie, Indiana...NOW on SPOTIFY and ITUNES and YOU TUBE (music 52 tracks)..."Lonely Oak Radio" in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (L.A.) is PLAYING MY ORIGINAL MUSIC NOW, BROADCAST IN L.A. "through-the-air" to 3-1/2 million residents and tourist in L.A. NOW!!! ...under my short name of "John Thomas" (5 of my tracks being played: "Chrissy", "Goin' Back", "Alabama D.A.", "Death of Rock and Roll" (the original of 1970/1972) and "Night Visions" (my original comp of 1972/1979, award-winning).   My BEST MUSIC IS HERE (for sale, and to listen here) and also on the major music site:  TOMATOSHARK.COM/storefront/johnthomas1951/    FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER  @John_Thomas1951   and on PINTEREST at   pinterest.com/johnt1951  and on FACEBOOK  at  johnt1951    etc.   About my music here, I would like to recommend the following songs and music of mine for you to listen to here in the "MUSIC of John Thomas (John David Thomas) in Staten Island, NY 10301 USA" tab section, with the mp3 player here (at the bottom of each page here) with all of my tracks on it to listen to)... for you to audition or preview all of my  music: (IMPORTANT NOTE: a MUSIC PLAYER is at the RIGHT SIDE and also the very BOTTOM of this long page, with all of my music loaded into it....click on the forward "PLAY Arrow" and click on the first track, and all tracks will automatically play in succession, one after another....while it is playing, you can visit all of my pages here on this site....there are opportunities to purchase my music in various places, like on the "MUSIC of John Thomas...." and  the "AUDIO - My Music Originals"  pages.) Also, go to my "linked" site on TOMATO SHARK to hear my music there...in several different groups or combinations. (It is a major pro music site in Menlo Park, Los Angeles, California which is connected with the major TV networks, the film industry (Hollywood, etc.) and the video game industry plus other high level people.

Listen to "Chrissy", "Alabama D.A." (my song is the reason for the famous 80s classic rock song by Foreigner called "Jukebox Hero"!!!)...listen also to: "CHANT for Orchestra (Deja Vu 1072)", "Love Theme in D", "J Ds Theme", "Night Visions", "Jetstream Theme", "Mystery World #2", "Death of Rock and Roll" (I composed this is 1970 and recorded it in 1970 and 1972, here), "Love Flowers", "The Little Prince", "Lamentations III", "Ostinato for Double-Reeds", "Trumpet Voluntary in F", "Mary, Mary", "The Whole World Is Watching", "The Road to Tomorrow", "From Me to You", "First Things First", "And I Will Be With You My Darling", much more.

This music has been broadcast to more than 50 countries by internet radio and some is famous and award-winning, praised by genius musicians and critics! Some of this music has been broadcast on world-famous radio station WFBQ-FM Q95 in Indianapolis,Indiana USA in 1979 and 1980. Some of it was announced in famous BILLBOARD magazine in 1974 to the entire music world! Recently, a radio station in L.A. (Los Angeles), California has broadcast 8 of my original songs and instrumental rock, disco, and jazz-rock-fusion originals, including worldwide!

VANCOUVER, CANADA 1970s famous park, my photo Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, New York 1977 summer Official celebrity photo of me, John Thomas (aka John David Thomas) in 1986, Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona celebrity press photo for resorts and media press